• Duratherm
  • A thermocouple by definition is two dissimilar metals joined together and are used to measure temperatures accurately. An RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) is a thermistor which has a unique temperature coefficient and its resistance varies with temperature. There are several variations on the construction of these sensors which will determine the application it has been designed for. At KLS Controls, we work with you to find the one best suited for your needs.

    Let's look at one style; Plastics and General Purpose construction. Our sensors are designed for use in light to medium duty process applications up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. We use insulated leads and then form a thermocouple junction or attach the RTD element. Various leadwire protection and termination options give you the most flexible solution for your application. The sensor is then installed into a protection tube which completes the assembly. The sensor is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and design for the best accuracy, strength and price point. Industry standard configurations to custom configurations are available.

    Our other style is the Mineral Insulated design or drawn metal sheath. This sensor is known for its fast response and high temperature ratings. The construction consists of a pair of sensor elements embedded in compacted magnesium oxide inside a stainless steel sheath. This design provides the best solution for corrosion and mechanical protection. The sensors junctions are precision welded and configurations can be made as small as .020 inches. Our selection of elements are Type J, K, E, T and Noble metal alloys R and S. RTD's are 2, 3 and 4 wire, 100 Ohm Platinum.

    Here are our areas of expertise:
    - Plastic Injection Molding/Plastic Extrusion
    - Packaging Equipment
    - Platen Heating
    - Liquid Temperature and Measurement
    - Medical Equipment
    - Industrial Processing
    - Foundry
    - Food Processing

    Please visit our Technical Resource area for a list of premade designs. We welcome hand sketches and drawings and will strive to earn your business.